Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I am...Emma

I am 12 years old.
I am a Canadian American.
I am the one who started it all, whose infectious joy helped my parents understand that more children with Down syndrome would be best for our family.
I am in a family with three older sisters and one younger sister, two older brothers and one younger brother.
I am a stinker of a little sister sometimes.
I am the girliest of girls in my family.
I am involved in a long term, on again/off again relationship with Nick's complicated.
I am a dancer.
I am a huge Taylor Swift fan.
I am swift to tell my parents not to sing or's embarrassing!
I am cute and sassy and giggly.
I am the baby who slept through the night when I was 2 weeks old, making me Mommy's favorite forever!
I am a stutterer, but I really don't even notice it or let it bother me at all.
I am smart.
I am motivated to learn.
I am often unwilling to do my chores.
I am often willing to bend the truth about whether or not I've done them, hoping Mom won't check this time!
I am deeply apologetic and downright tearful when I'm found out.
I am a loyal fan of our dearly departed dog, Holly.
I am completely apathetic toward our two remaining dogs.
I am funny.
I am charming and friendly in group settings.
I am emotional.
I am a lover of pink and purple.
I am so lovely.
I am so loving.
I am helpful...on my own terms.
I am plucky.
I am supremely self-confident...I'm pretty darn fabulous and I know it!
I am The Love just builds up in me and explodes all over my family from time to time.
I am not a kisser at ALL.
I am a hugger, but sparingly.
I am a fan of Shake It Up.
I am sometimes mad, but I forgive very easily.
I am a huge iPod fan.
I am healthy, with just celiac disease to keep things interesting.
I am very easygoing about not being able to eat certain foods. I don't want my tummy to hurt!
I am the child my parents didn't know they wanted but could not for one second imagine living without.
I am a gift straight from God.
I am Emma Lane Spicer, and I am a person.

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