Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I am...Ella

I am 8 years old.
I am Colombian American.
I am adopted.
I have four older sisters, two older brothers and one slightly younger brother.
I am, nonetheless, the baby of this family.
I am stunningly beautiful.
I am the most-photographed member of our family, I think.
I am silly.
I am able to correctly dance along with all musical numbers in High School Musical and HSM 2.
I am not able to speak much.
I am an excellent communicator.
I am Mommy's sweetheart.
I am a hugger.
I am the sweetest kisser because I have the most beautiful lips (mommy is slightly jealous).
I am known as Jealous Ella when I won't let the other kids have access to My Mommy.
I am gorgeous in just about any color.
I am not a fan of baths but I LOVE to swim.
I am funny.
I am observant and have a great memory.
I am the only girl in this family to like dolls.
I am into squeezing our very patient dogs.
I am my oldest sister's roommate.
I am not a fan of transitions and change, but I try.
I am a sensory-seeker.
I am giggly.
I am blessed with the most beautiful tan skin.
I am a cheerleader and a flyer on the team.
I am charming with men.
I am still blossoming.
I am still learning.
I am a "surprise" adoption...the best kind of surprise!
I am the daughter my parents adore.
I am wanted, cherished, loved...and I know it!
I am a tremendous blessing to my family.
I am perfect.

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