Sunday, April 7, 2013

Joyful dance

I think to Live — may be a Bliss
To those who dare to try —
Beyond my limit to conceive —
My lip — to testify —

I think the Heart I former wore
Could widen — till to me
The Other, like the little Bank
Appear — unto the Sea —

I think the Days — could every one
In Ordination stand —
And Majesty — be easier —
Than an inferior kind —

No numb alarm — lest Difference come —
No Goblin — on the Bloom —
No start in Apprehension's Ear,
No Bankruptcy — no Doom —

But Certainties of Sun —
Midsummer — in the Mind —
A steadfast South — upon the Soul —
Her Polar time — behind —

The Vision — pondered long —
So plausible becomes
That I esteem the fiction — real —
The Real — fictitious seems —

How bountiful the Dream —
What Plenty — it would be —
Had all my Life but been Mistake
Just rectified — in Thee

--Emily Dickinson


Sabrina said...

I loved reading all the posts about your girls. Beautiful! Seeing older girls with DS has me so looking forward to the years we have ahead with our newly adopted daughter.

Waitingfaithfully said...


This is absolutely beautiful! I love the way you captured the intense bond between your girlies! There is nothing like sister love!