Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I am...Vera

I am a 14 year old girl.
I am a sister to three brothers and four sisters.
I am a daughter.
I am an adoptee.
I am a Russian American.
I am an athlete.
I am full of sass.
I am full of spirit.
I am 100% teenager with the attitude to prove it.
I am the best big sister to Ella, who has an extra chromosome, too.
I am loyal.
I am stubborn.
I am beautiful.
I am very into movies.
I am competent.
I am a hugger.
I am a kisser...of Mommy.
I am a ray of sunshine.
I am fascinating to talk to.
I am the kid who knows what's what around our house, even if I can't always explain it.
I am quite adventurous in my clothing choices.
I am a pack rat.
I am a hoarder of pens and composition notebooks.
I am an artist.
I am endlessly amusing.
I am Mommy's girl but not a momma's girl.
I am scared of lightning storms.
I am always ready to go...anywhere.
I am a salsa aficionado.
I am my brother Luke's little buddy.
I am a wii player.
I am a music lover...Come Thou Fount is my favorite hymn.
I am a person, fully and completely.
I am calm, usually.
I am happy, often.
I am mad, rarely.
I am impatient and determined and strong and energetic.
I am my sister Emma's very best friend and roommate.
I am loved and valued beyond measure.

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, March 21. Thanks to the IDSC for the idea to write the "I am" posts. My girls with Down syndrome are so different from each other, from other people with Down syndrome, yet they share so many common features, attitudes, abilities, interests and relationships. They are, in a word...people.

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