Tuesday, February 15, 2011

San Antonio with Nini, Vera, Emma and Mommy

We arrived in San Antonio on Friday night for our weekend of fun and cheerleading. Emma immediately tested the beds for us. Looks like it's a go for the comfy beds!
Nini graciously accompanied us on the trip.
On Saturday morning we headed to the riverwalk.
Murky water and all, Vera's excited to be here!

Lots of pretty stops along the way for photo ops. Peace out, Vera!

She's a bridge over troubled water, for sure.
Up the steps of the amphitheater to La Villita!

I'm not sure La Villita was ready for my scary monsters!
I guess it was...at least, it's resident fat cat was!

Don't forget the Alamo! or something like that...
Such a sweet granddaughter and grandmother!
Such a sweet granddaughter, grandmother...and then there's Vera
We heard about a parade and arrived just minutes before it began. I don't have a good picture of the longhorns that were driven down the street to start the parade, but they were impressive! I hadn't been at eye level with longhorn cattle...they are HUGE! I must admit I was a bit scared to be so close with only a meager barrier between us.
Love all the Texas flags unfurled!
Isn't this man's Native American costume amazing?

Love the senoritas!!
Love the American flags unfurled!

We saw many covered wagons.
More Native American costumes, this time modelled by children.
After the parade, we needed some sustenance. The restaurant we chose has waiters who periodically lead the costumers in dancing. The customers in question were, naturally, Vera and Emma. Oh boy! They certainly dance with abandon!
The next day we went to our cheerleading competition! Here are the girls by the rattlesnake sculpture on the St. Mary's Univeristy campus. They thought it was funny.

The Liberty Cheer All-Stars team Justice, in their pyramid! They did so well!! Emma is on the top left of the pyramid with her arms up and Vera is on the bottom left, kneeling under Emma.
The victorious cheerleaders, holding their treasured trophies!
Althought I don't have pictures, I did have the amazing privilege of getting to meet and eat with Tina of One Blessed Nest. We've been reading one another's blogs for so long that it really felt like we were having a reunion rather than a first meeting. How fun is that?!

I hope you've enjoyed a photographic trip to San Antonio with Vera and Emma. Be glad you don't have the audio version. Just kidding...I love my girls and my mom and I am so thankful we had this fun time together!!!


Kaitlin O'Hearn said...

Are you sure that's Vera? I'm not used to her girliness. :-)

Renee said...

Your girls are just spectacular! It seems like ya'll had a blast. I have a dear friend from high school that teaches at St. Mary's and I have an uncle that used to be a professor there many, many years ago.


Charissa said...

I grew up in San Antonio. Thanks for the stroll down Memory Lane.

Sarah said...

Very, very fun!! And I'm so jealous that you and Tina got to meet!