Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ella--a sampler

I have been good about posting pictures of the kids on facebook because it is so easy to take one with my phone and upload it to facebook immediately. I decided I'd best share a few of those iPhone pics here so they wouldn't get lost in facebook world. I've had some cute pictures of Ella recently so we'll start with her. The iPhone is great for a multitude of things, but the camera just isn't great...but it is very convenient!
Below, we see that years of exposure to Vera has consequences in the wardrobe department.

And again...
Love the hug and smile for her brother before his first t-ball game!
Love the smile as she works the purloined purse and Dr. Pepper can at Luke's baseball game!
Love the smile as she shows me she's taking over my spot in the van on the way home!
Love the smile and head tilt of two kids ready for school with their new nap pads!
Love the smile, barely visible, as she shows us who the real catcher should be!

I guess you can tell: I just LOVE THAT SMILE!!!


Carol said...

Best thing the US has ever imported from Colombia, for sure! And the head tilt one really is too much.

David and Sarah said...

So sweet! I can see why you love that smile!


Rachel said...

She is just so cute! She really reminds me of our Sunshine. It's funny how much they look alike though they're not even from the same continent!