Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some blogs I follow...

Here is a new blog that I am compulsively following: Saving Lisette.

The beautiful Lisette whose pictures I have shared a number of times has a very devoted advocate writing the blog and wishing, like I do, that she would find her way home to a forever family soon!

I have also recently started following a blog that I've seen mentioned among the adoption community for years: A Place Called Simplicity.
I'm very late to this party but I love her blog and her family's faith in living out a different lifestyle of simplicity rather than the conspicuous consumption to which so many of us fall prey. They have been tested and tried but have persevered and even triumphed over some serious adversity.
She has a particular blogging tradition called Memorial Box Monday that I am planning to begin for our family. The idea is that the Lord works in our lives, but if we don't consciously remind ourselves of His goodness and provision we, much like the ancient Israelites, will forget and go back to complaining that He has forgotten us. Like the Israelites were commanded to erect stone monuments we now place items in a special box set aside to remind us of the specific times that God showed up in a miraculous way. I can say with assurance that I have a multitude of Mondays to fill!

On a (usually) less serious note, I must make special mention of my friend Ashley's blog: The Chaos Diaries.

Ashley is in the process of adopting little Miss J whose picture now graces my sidebar. The Chaos Diaries blog, however, chronicles the sometimes crazy but always funny life of the Mo family. I think you will get a kick out of Ashley's inimitable writing style. It's also a great way to whet your appetite for the day her book is published. Granted, she'll need to actually finish it, right Ash?

Happy reading!

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