Thursday, May 20, 2010

Disaster Preparedness Training runs amok!

So today I have a rare lunch date with a friend about 30 miles away from home. (Verdell, the lifesaver who comes on Thursdays to do our laundry and ironing, was home with the kids.) Just as I am starting the drive home Alex called to tell me they were under a tornado warning because a tornado was spotted nearby! He told me not to worry because they had gathered all the little kids in the bathroom. The same bathroom that has two large mirrors and glass surrounding the shower.
I was trying not to panic, but I figured they were in no better shape with me there than with me on the road and God was in control, as always. I forget that at times.
Here was the scene in my bathroom when I returned...

The big kids made a pallet on the floor of the bathroom! It took a few minutes for this realization to dawn on me, but I guess they remembered that during a tornado some sort of bed-related items should be used for protection but didn't quite remember that the exact item should be a mattress on top of you, not a bunch of blankets under you!

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My name is Sarah said...

That's cute:) Beautiful quilt.