Friday, April 30, 2010

My First Giveaway!!!

I've won several giveaways on some sweet people's blogs--three books and a bracelet, to be precise. So I decided that since I am nearing my 30,000th view I wanted to share the love, pass it forward, and nudge some people (OK, probably just two or three of you) out of hiding.
On the recommendation of my new friend Ashley, I recently started the book "My Bangs Look Good & Other Lies I Tell Myself." It is fantastic thus far and seemed like the perfect item to share. The author's basic premise is that the Liar is an expert is getting tired supergirls like us to believe that God isn't quite as good as we thought, and neither are we. Each chapter shows us, with great humor and examples that often hit too close to home, how we fall for his lies and how to combat them.
You know the drill: leave a comment with your name and some way to get in touch with you (I'd recommend an email address).
Better yet, leave a comment telling me about your worst hair mishap--I promise it relates to the book. Here's mine: I hate to throw someone under the bus, but when I was in junior high a certain parental unit decided to frost my long, dark hair in a pull-through cap. Two particular chunks of hair on the crown of my head pulled through a little thicker than the others, leaving me with an unfortunate resemblance to a skunk. I'm sorry I don't have pictures to share.
On Mother's Day, May 9, 2010, I will write all the names on slips of paper and ask a child to draw a name. Probably Vera, unless she's having one of those days. Maybe Emma, since her bangs are always a mess (she has a parental unit who cuts her hair, poor baby). Either way, I'll let you know who gets the book! Unless I forget or can hit the "M" button on my sidebar and email me a reminder.
Thanks, dear readers, for caring about our large and often funny family!


Amanda in RI said...

Hi Jill!!!!!!

Okay, worst hair mishap. Sigh. Where to begin? Putting aside any late '80's or early '90's hairstyles that I couldn't possibly hold myself responsible for, or haircuts that I thought I wanted when I was a young, naive child...

I guess I'd have to go with last fall, getting a haircut from a brand new hair stylist, who cut my hair so short, specifically my bangs (OH, did I forget to mention that I haven't had BANGS in about, oh, 14 years??? And didn't before the hair stylist chopped the front of my hair?) that for the first time in my life, I wanted to CRY because of my hair.

It was awful.

Laura Suer said...

A few years ago I decided to return to work part time after staying home for 3 years with my first child. To celebrate this big change in my life I decided to go for a radical change in hairstyle. I went to a salon and asked them to chop of all of my heavily dyed blond hair and just leave the graying roots behind. I wanted to embrace my gray hair. (I had just seen a model in a fashion mag with beautiful gray hair.) They repeatedly asked if I was sure. (Lets face it they were checking if I was mentally competent to make such a drastic decision.) "Sure!" I said. Well after my hair was all chopped off and I had my gray crew cut, I could not WAIT for it all to grow back. The lowest point was when somebody said I resesmbled Angela Lansbury. Others tried to point out that she is a very attractive actress. But I knew. They didn't mean beautiful young Angela Lansbury the Hollywood starlet. They meant old Jessica from "Murder She Wrote." THAT Angela Lansbury.

Hey I look forward to reading more of your blog. Check out mine too :)

Suzette said...

Hopping on over from Facebook! I enjoy reading your blog and LOVE your heart for the sweet little children of the world that need forever homes.

patricia said...

I've had 2 worst hair mishaps... 1st when I was 16, living in Spain in the mid 80's and asked in my broken Spanish for something new, a new style.. OMG I went from long blonde locks to spikes- it was nuts.

2nd I wanted to try red... HUGE MISTAKE I had it professionally done-- this was in college... my then boyfriend didn't say anything for hours after he saw it-- didn't know I was doing it-- finally he said, so what did you do to your hair? When I asked, he kindly said he preferred it blonde...

Needless to say I had the color stripped. Not because Jaime didn't like it but because I realized that with red hair, you need the right color clothes! None of my clothes worked except black and brilliant blue!

Lessons learned.

beautiful kids by the way--- and you too- nice pic

Rachel said...

Ok, I'll post! :) And hope no one else does! ;)

Lyndi said...

I've been reading your blog for a long time, but I don't think I have ever commented, LOL. Ok, so worst hair mishap...when I was younger, my brother and I were playing beauty shop, I had hair down to my bottom...he was playing like he was doing my hair, and without me knowing it, he got REAL scissors and cut me some bangs (I hadn't had any at that point). The bangs he cut were THICK and right up to my scalp. I'm sure there are pics of that SOMEWHERE, but I am not gonna go looking for them!

ashleypmo said...

So glad you enjoyed the book! I laughed out loud---it reminded me of Erma Bombeck, one of my all-time favorite authors. And the messages were all so timely for this season in my life.

janice fenimore said...

In the seventh grade, I sprayed my hair METALLIC silver, a really thick coat, then went not only to a formal dance, but also to church.

Then when you were in high school, I had my hair colored at the stylist and the front was pink and the back orange. I also was going to a 50s part that night. Some things never change.

Cathy said...

A bunch of my friends keep posting links to this so I thought I better check it

My worst hair was quite a few days. As a matter of fact, it was all of high school. My hair was so big my junior year that it was literally cut off in the picture. Ahhhhh, the good ol' days.

Ashley said...

The only bad hair mishap I had was when my mom cut my bangs crooked when I was in elementary school. I have never let her touch my hair since.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

David and Sarah said...


You can make that 4 books that you've won! Stop by my blog, or send me an email with your address.


Charissa said...

I think my worst hair mishap is in High school when my friend gave me two the same day. Let me just say there is a reason why it says on the package not to do that.

Penny said...

have only recently started following your blog, and really have enjoyed getting to know y'all! hair: couple of years ago a hairstylist cut one chunk out of the top of my hair, almost to my was AWFUL!

Debbie said...

Well Jill - my friend - what a neat blog you have here! My worst hairdo, I'll say, was when in high school, me and one of my friends, tediously and meticulously, braided all of my hair into teeny tiney braids, misted it wet, blew it dry with a hair dryer, unbraided it, proceeded to brush it out. Because I have so much hair, it was sooooo BIG that I could not get out of the bathroom door!! Worst hairdo ever!

Anonymous said...

Always looking for a great book!

When I was little, mom put a bowl over my head and cut along the edges; at 43 my hair is long and will probably be forever....

God Bless you.


JennyO said...

In college I went to a barber to get a trim. he didn't want to cut my hair, but I was just sure anyone with sharp scissors could cut a straight line. Not so! It looked like a 5 year old attacked me in my sleep - my bangs were about an inch long and the back was jagged at best. My roommate helped me straighten out the mess in the back, but I had to wear a baseball cap for about a month until my bangs recovered.

By the way Jill, if I win you know it'll be a bit more postage : )

Love yall, Jenny O.

Taylor and Frankie Rodriguez said...

Thanks for hoppin over to our blog! Reading through yours is so fun! I love what you have to share and your kids are precious!

The book sounds great! I would love to read it! My email is So cool that you are passing it forward with the giveaways! :)

Bad hair story? Hmmm...mine has pretty much been the same all my life- blonde and straight, just in and out of ponytails and headbands! But once my brother decided to play "barber shop" and he twisted up a little plastic comb in it and my mom had to cut it out! So bad! lol!

Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

So, ahem, you don't have any photos of the skunk look? Sounds a little 'convenient' to me ;)

My worst hair mishap is actually William's. He uses these clippers to cut his hair lately. I have cut his hair a lot but I've been too busy lately, so... clippers, desperation... vanity... self-help hair cut.

Well, he's used the clippers before successfully. He even did a hair cut that looked at least as good as the ones I gave him (ha ha) or better!

So, when that one grew out he took to the clippers for what he hoped would be a repeat performance.

Didn't quite work out that way. He had the setting wrong on the clippers (he'd loaned them to his brother...who is... bald) so his initial cut, on the side of his head, was Way.Too.Short. gasp!

He decided he could certainly 'blend' that short part and it would just look intentional.

The more he tried to blend, the worse it got. I'm pretty certain he cried.

Well, eventually he came into our room where I was working on my laptop wearing a hat. I didn't realise he'd cut his hair but I DID notice the look of worry on his face.

I asked him what happened... if someone had been hurt... if he'd lost his job... if we were out of diet coke. No, no, no, and no.

If I remember correctly, he cried at this point as well... maybe not. But he said he'd cut his hair and had a horrible accident.

Aww, my poor baby. I offered to trim it up to sort it for him. Again... no was his reply.

I asked him to show me and he AGAIN said no. I told him I would NOT laugh and promised it couldn't look as bad as he thought.

I probably should be careful what promises I make...

He was b.a.l.d.

My husband is a very handsome man. Though I do have some bias, most people do think he's handsome.

I have begun to pray he never loses his hair. My lovely husband does NOT look good sans hair...

Well, he wore his hat for days and days and days. Then, he finally felt it was okay not to wear it. Though it wasn't because it had grown back lol. It was still really really non-existent.

He'd come home and come into the kitchen or wherever I was and it would startle me. I'd gasp every time I saw him. It took a long time to get used to.

That was months ago and it is still shorter than usual.

But thankfully my handsome, romantic and wonderful husband is back and not the skin head that took over his body for months!


...a thousand words said...


I love reading about your sweet family! Thanks for sharing!

Last year I lit a candle in my bathroom and then bent down to run some bath water...In doing so, I caught my bangs on fire! We're talking flames emerging from my head! Needless to say, I had to get creative styling my hair!