Thursday, April 29, 2010

More pictures of Lisette

About a month ago I posted a birthday prayer for Lisette. The picture below is one of three pictures that Reece's Rainbow has of Lisette.

Recently, however, a friend went to Lisette's orphanage and sent me this glorious new picture of her. Look at that smile! Look at those crib toys! (Look at those tonsils!!)

Another friend from the Reece's Rainbow family took the next two pictures a few months ago and she was kind enough to send them to me and let me use them here. Although Lisette isn't smiling and is sporting a lovely orphanage haircut, I think she looks sweet, like she would be so snuggly in her new mommy's least until she finds her voice! That was such a great turning point with our Ella; we knew she trusted us and so she could cry and yell if she needed.
The friend who took these pictures said she remembers Lisette as being very long and thin, quiet, and she thinks Lisette is crawling now.

I'm still praying for a family to bring her home, fatten her up, give her a million reasons to smile and eventually, to walk!

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Ann said...

Love seeing more pictures of this darling girl! She is a beautiful one! Thanks for sharing them.