Monday, September 21, 2009

A Wonderful Newlywed Blog

The blog isn't what you'd expect, with lots of sweet stories about the amazing things one of them did for the other, but rather a sweet story about an amazing thing they did to learn about others, and out of that experience to help others. I've been reading the blog of this young woman's mom because she adopted a beautiful little girl from China and I love how she writes about her little girl. Clearly, the mom's heart for giving has been lovingly transmitted to her oldest daughter in a beautiful way.

In a nutshell, these newlyweds, Taylor and Frankie, have spent a couple of different weeks living off of the food paks a local organization gives to people in need in San Antonio (where one out of every four children is hungry). They found out what constituted a whole pak, then bought just that food and ate only that food. Even when it got monotonous. Even when they could look out their window at work and see some amazing San Antonio Mexican food at the restaurant next door. Even though they could afford to eat differently, they chose to stay within their food pak. After they were done, they had saved enough money to buy and donate 10 food paks for the organization that gives them out.

It doesn't take long to read it, but I think it will bless you and give you some true food for thought. I know it did for me!


Waitingfaithfully said...

Awwwe Jill, thank you for your kind words, and for sharing the kid's story on your blog!

It is such a sweet feeling, after you pour into your children for so many years, to watch them fly . . . and then to see them pour out all on their own! (With God's help of course . . . in all of that pouring!)

Thank you so much for sharing. Keep pouring into all of those babies--the rewards are endless!

I love being a mom, don't you?!!

Blessings on your day~


Alison said...

Jill!! Email me or call me. We have been trying to get a hold of you for a month. Hope everything is ok. Please just let me know how things are.
Alison (TSC)

Taylor and Frankie Rodriguez said...

Thanks so much for sharing our story! It is so encouraging to read how others have been touched by this project!
Taylor and Frankie