Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New picture of Lera!

I was looking at the page on Reece's Rainbow that has Lera's profile on it and my heart gave an excited leap when I didn't see Lera's picture (posted in my sidebar) anymore. I went to check the New Commitments page and didn't see her there. I finally looked at the names and realized this was Lera! They have found a new picture of her. She's still a cutie patootie, and she still needs a family.

Also, be on the lookout for one of my fave fundraisers of the year--the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree. For two months you can see actual pictures of all the precious little ones who need families. One helpful way to encourage families to come forward, however, is to have little ones with grants! If you give at least $35 you get an ornament with your chosen child's picture on it. Last year, I receive two as presents and I was thrilled!!!

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Anonymous said...

She is BEAUTIFUL and I am praying for her forever family to come quickly. She is precious.
Mandy Litzke