Friday, June 19, 2009

Swim Lessons

Vera, Emma, Ella, and Dean dove into swimming this summer, Dean and Ella for the first time.
Vera had begun swimming without flotation aids last summer, and she was quickly able to regain her skills.
Emma was swimming by the end of the week, but still had trouble remembering to pull her head up and breathe. I call that drowning, but the swim instructor was pleased with her progress.
Dean tried so hard to swim, but he generally swims like a seahorse--straight up and down without much forward progress.
Ella...well let's just say she had her own special instructor by the end of the week so she wouldn't push Dean into the water or get out of the water to go elsewhere. She did enjoy herself, however!
What a cute little peanut she is!
Thanks, Coach Moore!! We loved your pool!

Like water off a duck's back...

Isn't Dean cute? He had a blast swimming!!

The video shows all the kids swimming or, at least, trying to swim.


Our final video is of Vera swimming the length of the pool, and it shows how she thinks she must touch the bottom of the pool every. single. time.


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