Friday, June 19, 2009

Luke's baseball pictures

Luke just started in the 14U league this year! That league plays in the biggest field at the park. I can't believe it!!! I remember when he started in coach pitch and I knew he would never be big enough to play in the big park. Sigh.

Every year but the very first year John has been the coach or assistant coach on Luke's team, but next year will likely be the last year. Our league has an 18U league, but I don't know that John would coach it, as it just has a different feel than these younger leagues. Plus, next year John will get to start coaching Dean's T-ball league...I'm hoping Luke will assist him, but we'll see.

Luke generally plays 2nd base and his hitting improved tremendously over last year. He is most proud of is 4 RBIs, however. Due to the time limit on games, he usually only got up to the plate twice a game.

As you can see, Dean and Ella are captivated by the sight of Luke at bat.

At the beginning of each baseball/softball season I am always ovewhelmed by the sheer number of games and practices we have with 5 children on 3 teams, yet so sad when the season comes to an end. As a parent, it is always a joy to see your children work hard, improve, really put their hearts into something. I never would have dreamed my kids would be so 'into' baseball, but I am thrilled they are!

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