Friday, June 19, 2009

The Angel League

Vera and Emma have successfully completed another year of Angel League softball! For 6 weeks we were all treated to a constant question from Vera, "My game?" She loves 'her' game and looks forward to it. In my mind she is a star! She throws the ball so very hard and well and ambidextrously. Pretty impressive stuff.

Emma enjoyed the games more than last year, when she usually pooped out after her first at bat. She still loves her pink glove and could care less about donning baseball pants and cleats as Vera does.

Each Angel League player has a helper during the game. Luke, Song, and Anna were most often the helpers this year. Song and Anna played their softball games after Vera and Emma's games, so they were usually in uniform, too.

Note that Anna and Emma are on deck behind Luke.

Could they be any cuter together, these baseball lovers of mine?

Emma sliding home, as always.

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Leslie said...

I think it's neat that your family all likes the same sport! We seem to bounce among several. LOL

Cute pictures of your beautiful family!