Friday, June 19, 2009

If you give a kid a camera...

she's going to take a picture of her feet.

She'll be so excited that she'll want a picture of her brother's hands and amazing eyes

and her sister's belly button
and her baby sister's tongue
The tongue will remind her that she's hungry, so she'll go downstairs for a snack and hand the camera off to her belly button sister to take a picture.
After her snack, she'll want to watch some Hannah Montana and she'll snap this great picture of a Hannah impersonator.
The Hannah impersonator will remind her of her other sister who loves Hannah Montana most of all, so she'll get another picture of that sister.
While looking for Hannah on TV, she'll run across Dora and snap a picture of her sisters again.
After taking all these pictures, our kid will be very tired, so she will hand the camera off to her oldest sister who is very persistent in taking the same basic picture again...
and again...
and again....
and again, with an important addition.
Now that the kid is rested from her photo session, she'll remember how much she loves taking pictures and will start again on her little sister.
Watching the little sister leave will remind her that she hasn't taken a picture of her living room yet, so she'll decide to take one.
The kid might decide the living room needs to be lived in, so she'll ask her sisters to join her again.
While taking that living room picture with models, the kid will notice her sister's amazing eyes.
And chances are, when the kid looks at her sister's amazing eyes, she's going to want a picture of her feet.
The end.
Many thanks to the kid: Vera,
and her substitute photographers: Emma and Song


Charissa said...

So cute!

Beth said...

What fun!

Tom and Cindy said...

Oh how true. Same goes for grandkids. Funny how they get some great photos! Love your blog.
Thanks for sharing.

Missy said...

That's DARLING!!!