Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter pics

Guess who is happy about her new pink dress? Guess who has no interest whatsoever in a new Easter outfit, and who was appalled that I bought Dean the dreaded "Easter vest"?

I have no idea why Emma has all these special poses, Anna has one, and the rest have zero. I'm guessing we were running late. We normally sit in one of the first few rows at church; for Easter we were in the top two rows of the balcony! We had a great view of our church, which has a beautiful sanctuary.
One of the statements our pastor made during the sermon has really stayed with me:
"Don't be offended with Christ because of Christians."
Christians, because we are sinful people, will fail you. Christ never will. He proved it in many ways, and still proves it today, but most dramatically by dying on a cross and rising again to claim final victory over death.
Christ the Lord is risen today! Hallelujah!!


Amy in Arizona said...

So sweet! All girls love to have new pink dresses!!

3 Sons said...

Love these!!

Leslie said...

Love you pictures. Great quote too!

My name is Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures.

Suzette said...

What a lovely family. You must be so proud and thankful that God has chosen you to raise so many lovely angels.

David and Sarah said...

I love Dean's vest. So cute! All of your children are beautiful.

And Amen! Christ will never fail any of us!