Saturday, April 18, 2009

My newest Tweenybopper!

Song is now 11 wonderful years old! I managed to find her birthday pictures...Yay!

Here we have my three attempts to get 8 unruly children to look at me. I'm sure you're wondering why I stopped at three attempts, but some mountains are just unscalable.

During the afternoon on Song's birthday, Anna, Song, and their friend Sarah found a baby bunny out in the woods near our home. I declined to add it to the list of birthday presents for Song, as it was quite small and needed to get back home.
For our birthday treat we again had a chocolate/white chocolate trifle with blackberries. That recipe is a keeper in this family.

I'm not sure who actually blew out the candles for Song. I can't believe they didn't realize that anyone who talks as much as Song does has plenty of lung capacity for 11 puny candles.
Song is really growing up. She is definitely my right hand gal around the house. During our time in China, she quickly became my mom's right hand gal, too, impressing Nini with her ability to not only help, but also see what needs to be done and then do it!
Song has recently discovered a love of writing. She appears to be a great natural speller which makes it so much easier. While the other kids have groaned and grumbled when given a short creative writing assignment, Song went directly to work and produced a beautiful story. She has recently begun a long writing assignment--that she assigned herself! The phrase 'self-starter' comes to mind.
Song has also improved her skills this year in softball. She's had a number of great hits in the few games she and Anna have played so far. I'm guessing she's the only kid around whose mom yells, "Get a hit, Song bird!" (Luke tried to convince me to stop saying that, but I believe Song really likes her nickname. So there, Lucas Bear!)
The only real downside to Song's new maturity is that she is more beautiful than ever and BOYS are NOTICING. Oy! We are so homeschooling forever!!


3 Sons said...

Happy Birthday!

Kyle found a couple of baby bunnies here on Thur. SOOO cute!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Song!

I don't know if I could resist calling her Song Bird either! She's lovely!

davetark said...

Jill - I asked Paige how to get in touch with you. Just wanted to catch up. It seems God has truly blessed your family. You guys should get a show on TLC like all the other families they profile.

Through Facebook, it's been interesting to catch up with old friends, but I didn't see you on there, so thought I'd drop you a line.

I'm pastoring a church near Jacksonville, FL and am leading us in adopting unreached people groups. Looks like we'll be heading to China, Cuba, Costa Rica and Iceland within the next year. If you get a chance drop me a line - my blog is You can contact me there or through the church website - (email is