Sunday, January 11, 2009

We're in Zhengzhou

We had an uneventful flight to Zhengzhou and are now relaxing in our beautiful room at the Crowne Plaza.  We're just a few hours away from meeting Dean/Tian Suo!!!!  I probably should be more nervous, but I guess when it's your 8th child....
It was really fun unpacking all his little boy clothes.  I hope they fit.  All the people who have met him keep saying how tall he is. 
They also keep saying how smart he is.  The foster parents told a funny story on him, an example of how smart they think he is.  Apparently he loves to watch cartoons.  The foster dad came into the TV room while Dean was watching cartoons and asked for the remote.  Dean turned his back to the dad, took out the batteries and tossed them away, then gave him the remote quite willingly.  Smart or manipulative, only time will tell!!
Tomorrow, the 12th, is also Emma's birthday, so our first meeting with Dean will coincide with her 7th.  We have always celebrated the day that the adoptions were finalized rather than Gotcha days, so I expect Dean's anniversary will actually be on the 13th.  I think that works out better. 
Funny story from back home...we have Skyped several times and done the webcam thing with my parents and the girls.  When it was Emma's turn to speak with us, all she could talk about was that her PopPop spanked her!  Oooh boy, was she tattling on him!!!  Apparently, Miss Priss had been stomping on a bush in their backyard and would stop when he asked her so he BARELY swatted her backside!  She conveniently forgot to mention her own behavior, but has been telling everyone about her old mean PopPop.  Too funny! 
I'll try and post some pictures as soon as I can from our first meeting.  We have free internet in the room so hopefully Dean will be calm enough for me to do a little blogging.  Until then....please pray for his sweet little heart and all the hard times he will undoubtedly have as he settles in with us!


Amy said...

Too cute!
Jill, I have been following your journey to Dean and enjoying your photos. I am very happy that you have him finally in your arms (well tomorrow you will:)) Can't wait to see those photos!

Table for Six said...

I love those two stories! Can't wait to see him in action in your arms!
jill s.. hehehe off our JZ yahoo group

Bill said...

Jill, I know you are tired, but I am pretty sure, actually I am positive, that today, the 12th, is Emma's eighth birthday.



Laura Lu said...

Jill--that girlie of your's cracks me up! I love it!

praying for you!!!!!!