Sunday, January 11, 2009

one more story

I feel remiss in not mentioning an amazing God story.
As I did mention, our guide in Beijing was at the wrong terminal when we arrived at midnight.  Those of us who had flown in from LA had to go through customs with our bags and we were shuttled to the international terminal far away from the rest of the flight.
So this cab driver sees us looking around and helps us, figures out the hotel and address, and we decide to let him take us there.  He tells us how much it will cost (500 yuan)and that he takes only Chinese yuan.  There are no places open for changing money at that time of night, but guess what?  I had 600+yuan from when we adopted Song that I had never exchanged.
So, 9.5 years ago God had us not exchange just the amount of money we would need in a pinch now.  Could He have gotten the guide to the right terminal?  Sure.  But we wouldn't have seen Him work in this way, either.  Praise the Lord!!


Shelley said...

Now THAT is an awesome story! I have 500 UAH(Ukraine money) that got "hid" in my purse so it wasn't exchanged. Now, I'm wondering if I should make sure I know where it is just in case :)

Jennifer said...

Awesome Jill! So just a few more hours, right? Woo hoo!

Jennifer said...

Great story! We're praying for you and for Hudson Dean...and for your time with Shirley. God so clearly cares about every little detail so don't sweat it! :)

Mama Darling said...

Hey Jill,
It's been awhile since I visited your blog, so I decided to stop by. I am SO GLAD I did! I am so excited for you and John. I can't wait to read more and see more pictures. You have probably already figured out how to change Blogger to English, but if you haven't...Go to the top drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner when you sign on to Blogger. It should also be in the same place on the Dashboard. YOu should be able to change it to English there. Hope this helps.

Laura Lu said...

i'm in goosebumps! Praise Jesus!!!!! thank you for testifying of His Greatness!

Ashley and Mike said...


I skyped with Jenny tonight and she said how proud your new little man was with his new backpack going to meet his new family. I know that she misses him!


Shelley said...

Wow!! I absolutely LOVE God stories like is like God is just LOVING showing himself through families. I think He really must get a kick out of showing Himself to us in ways just like this!! Thanks for sharing.
Congratulation...what a beautiful family God has blessed you with!!
In HIS Mighty Grip~
Mom to 2 China Angels~