Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Perfect Ten!!!

(I tried to send this yesterday with pictures but it never went through, so I'm posting without.)
We have ten Spicers now!!!! I would have blogged sooner, but we're having far too much fun with him...no kidding!  He is so smiley and beautiful and agreeable and a little mischievious and smart and adorable and PERFECT!!!
Dean walked into the room at the Henan Center for Adoption Affairs smiling and has hardly stopped since.  He's maintaining a physical distance of sorts, but interacts with us a lot.  He lets us kiss on him and hold his hand when we walk. 
He is having a lot of fun with his new toys and books.  I already have a mommy brag:  when I was reading a little book about construction vehicles and naming the various types, he repeated every one and did a good job, too.  We went to a coloring book on construction vehicles and he was starting to recognize and name them in that book in English.  
His eating is outstanding, too.  We went to the hotel's lunch buffet and he cleaned his plate--twice--and had some dessert, too.  Unfortunately that upset his stomach a bit (combined with the 300 pieces of candy that he had when we first got him).  
He had a two+ hour nap while I went shopping with our guide for some things to take to the orphanage tomorrow.  I don't think I have ever been in such a large store, and the guide said it wasn't really the largest.  Wow.  I was the. only. Caucasian. in the store and was stared at, pointed at, moms surreptiously tried to show me to their children.  Zhengzhou is not a city accustomed to Westerners and it was pretty funny.  Everyone I passed inspected my basket of goodies, too.  
I bought Dean some new tennis shoes at the store, too, because his other tennies smelled terrible when I took them off for his nap.  When he awoke, I tried the new shoes on him and was going to take them off but I could tell he didn't want me to do so.  When he could tell I wasn't taking them off he stood up and walked in front of me and gave me a sweet hug.  
All I can say is that everyone's prayers have been answered.  I think we have an amazingly sweet boy on our hands.  He is doing some boundary testing and persisting in trying to grab things after we've said 'No,' but not too badly.  I'm sure that will continue and I'm sure we'll see some other adjustments, but so far he is a dream.  

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It's been such a long wait for your arms to be filled with his squishly little body, and I stand next to you praising Jesus that you are there holding your son!!!!!