Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Offically Dean's Parents

We went back to the Henan Center of Adoption Affairs today and officially became Dean's parents!!  Our guide then took us to lunch at some Chinese place...nowhere near as good as Beijing.  It was hilarious, though, because they would bring two of certain dishes, then we would be eating it and they would come by the table and snatch it away!  The table by us saw it and was laughing at it, too.  I have no idea what they were thinking, although it wouldn't surprise me if our order had been turned in twice. 
We then drove to Jiaozuo and paid our 30,000 yuan to the orphanage.  This part always brings out the snarky side of me and I couldn't quite resist telling the lady who took our money "you're welcome" as we left. 
After that, we were able to do the fun part...go up the part of the orphanage where Dean has been for the past month.  I finally got to meet Jenny, who is in charge of this area and who had been Skyping with me.  She is the sweetest lady and greeted us both with a huge hug and KISS!  Love it! 
Dean, not so much.  He was really upset to be back there.  Obviously he thought we were bringing him back, poor baby!  He started crying and clinging to me for dear life.  All the Chinese speakers were trying to tell him what was going on, but he didn't believe them.  The upside was that he let me smooch him to pieces and he cuddled up close to both of us.  He was definitely happier when we left and has continue to stay cuddly.
We had to go to the notary's office after that, which took forever!  He was tired and acting up a bit, but who can blame him.  Something like two hours in a tiny office is hard on anyone, especially a little 4 year old boy.
Tomorrow we have the day free, so maybe we'll walk around the area a bit.  Until then....


3 Sons said...

Rejoicing with you!

Ashley and Mike said...

I am so happy for you all! When I skyped with Jenny in the morning she seemed very happy but also emotional that Dean has left. She said they were very close in the short time he was there. I bet that you are just falling in love your with little guy! Have fun and I cannot wait to see some more pictures!

Charissa said...

I am so anxious for pictures! Congratulations Spicer family!

Laura Lu said...

Oh bless his precious little heart!!! Praise Jesus that he is with your FOREVER!!!