Saturday, January 10, 2009

Leaving for Zhengzhou soon

It is Sunday morning here and we are getting ready to leave for Zhengzhou, which is the provincial capital of the Henan province.  Dean is at the Jiaozuo social welfar institute.  Jiaozuo is a city in the Henan province, so our paperwork is processed at the provincial capital.  We will be there all week and leave on Saturday morning.  I have not heard good things about the guide we will have, but we'll see. 
I'm trying to get John to do a post about our food experiences here.  We have dined like royalty!  Delicious fare, mostly Chinese but we had Korean barbecue last night and it was to die for!  I am going to miss our guide so much--not only is she super sweet, but she is one great food orderer, too! 
As I have time, I will try to fill in the last few days of sightseeing:  hutong/rickshaw tour, Tianamen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, pearl market, silk factory, and the Great Wall.  So much fun!! 
Tomorrow around 10 a.m. Beijing time we should be getting Dean.  He will leave Jiaozuo about 8 a.m.  As I understand it we will meet him at the Civil Affairs office, because nothing says 'starting a family' like a government building. 
We are staying at a really nice hotel in Zhengzhou, so I'm thinking internet won't be a problem.  Now if only someone could tell me how to switch Blogger back to English....
Thanks for all the kind comments!

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Hal Everett said...

Jill-- Hi, I'm the one that had the "emotional" :( interchange with you last week on CHI-- (Susan from Texas...) And I can't believe I didn't even remember that your son is from Jiaozuo!! Life is funny that way...My son is from there and we know Linda Nai Nai, etc. Anyway, it was on our way back from there that I had my "meltdown" and had all sorts of fears, etc. You are such a beautiful lady with a lovely family and now I REALLY feel a bond with you. Smiles and blessings-- Susan