Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Song and Anna have a 'new' room

The girls had been patiently and sweetly asking me if they could change their room from the baby blues and pinks of their youth to something a bit older. Granted they are only 10 and 8, but they felt they needed a different color combo! I found these turquoise, white, and chartreuse comforters on sale one day, and we were off! I was able to get the charteuse color matched at Lowe's and their dear father and I painted their room lickety-split. Who am I kidding, I think it took us three weeks to finally make it through. Diligent painters, we are not! We were able to get rid of quite a bit of the girls' old toys and I also rearranged the long shelf above their beds. They were quite eager to have a place to display all those trophies from the YMCA! I also have a few peasant paintings from China in the room, but I need to finish hanging some other items still.
The fuzzy chair was also found on sale for half price! They love it!
The best part of the new room is that they are keeping it soooooooo clean and neat. Finally they have a place for everything and everything in its place. If I had known that would be the end result I might have painted a little faster.


Me said...

I love this!

Amanda in RI said...

The room is gorgeous! Great job!

Where did you find that chair?? Maddie wants one (Lord know where we'll fit it in their room...) for Christmas. :) Thanks!