Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My 40th birthday

As promised, I have finally put my fortieth birthday pictures on my blog. Please, contain your excitement. I'm afraid two months have passed, but I would hate to not have these recorded for posterity.

The day started well before the pictures. The day before my birthday my dear husband had asked what kind of cake to get for me. I quickly realized that the only time we would likely be able to have cake on my birthday was at breakfast, so I volunteered Song and Anna to bake a coffee cake for me. Upon further introspection--obviously my 40 year old brain is slowing down--I decided a warm coffee cake made the morning of my birthday would be the absolute best. Well, Song and Anna don't wake particularly early so I got up and made it myself!! My poor John had awakened to find that all the gifts he had wrapped the day before were mostly in tatters, and some were missing! So while I was baking, he was locating and wrapping. I was popping the cinnamony cake out of the Bundt pan when we decided it was time for presents.

I had lots of heart-warming homemade cards from the kids, and a beautifully beaded necklace from Alex. Aren't those the best gifts?

Why am I holding my birthday candles? As I mentioned I had pulled the cake out of the oven right before opening presents, and when I was done I inverted it onto a cake plate and immediately Song placed several candles in it. I noticed that one was tilting rather precariously so I pulled it out to re-place it, only to discover that the end had melted completely off! So I grabbed all the candles out and held them and lighted them myself.

Why am I smiling so big? Because I lit the candles and nothing happened...pause...pause...John snapping my picture...pause...so I start my birthday song MYSELF!! Apparently, no one knows what to do when it's Mom's birthday!! So we all laughed our way through the song.

For dinner that night we met my parents, sister, and nieces for dinner at Joe T. Garcia's!! While it isn't actually my very favorite Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth, it had by far the best atmosphere because you eat outside by pools and fountains and magnificent greenery. I love going there!

Aren't they a nice looking bunch?

I snapped some shots of the restaurant's grounds. It is such a large operation now that on a weeknight it isn't all filled. This space, below, was the site of my parent's 60th birthday party...they have very close birthdays. Isn't it beautiful?

John was watching the kids run around at the very end of the outdoor area. Lots of high school reunions and parties are held at this place. The indoor part of the restaurant is also very pretty, but nothing beats the outside!

There it is...the path leading me down the rest of my life. The 30 year old Jill--mother to one little boy--would have been shocked to see what/who her 40th birthday would include. I can't help but wonder what the 50 year old Jill will have experienced. Knowing God, a whole lot! What a blessing the last 10 years have been to me. I never thought my life would be so rich and full...overflowing!


Me said...

Happy Birthday, friend!

Kelly said...

What a great day! I can't believe all you've accomplished in 10 years! What a blessing you've been to so many.

Amanda in RI said...

You had to start your own birthday song...oh my--that is going to keep me laughing all day. Priceless!

Love the pics--I'm so glad you had a wonderful day, my friend! Your family is beautiful!