Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Luke's birthday present to me

I asked Luke to make a big Lego castle for my birthday, and this was his creation. I love his creativity with Legos so as strange as it sounds it was a great present for me to get to admire all his hard work. Each level of the castle and keep come off so you can see what is going on inside. He always has a kitchen, bedrooms, blacksmith, armory, etc. This was the first time he put a river running through it with that cool bridge. He worked in secret for nearly a week to put this together for me, and I totally appreciated it! Although it has since been torn down, I have the pictures to keep forever. Thanks, Luke!!


Ronette said...

Wow! Amazing job, Luke!

Happy Birthday, Jill!

Bill said...

Tell Luke that I am glad I got to see his Lego creation. And thanks for all the updates on your blog. I love seeing all the pictures.Momn