Friday, May 16, 2008

Angel League softball

Vera and Emma are in the midst of a big softball season with the Angel League. Vera can't wait for each and every Monday night when they have the big game!

Here we have Emma whiffing the ball!

Song, Anna, Alex, and Luke have all helped their siblings during the games. Basically, each child participating has a helper during the game.
Emma, sliding home! She and Vera are convinced that you must always slide home, even when you have walked to it.
Look at that Cheshire cat grin. She's good, and she knows it.
Oops...missed that one! Vera gets the ball pitched to her, and can really hit it!
I told you she can hit the movie if you don't believe me. ;-)


This video captures Emma's love for the game, which can easily be summarized as 'not so much.'


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