Friday, May 16, 2008

My friend Charissa at A Day in the Life of the Urbans has tagged me for a meme...a list of things all about me me me ME me me me. Since I am obviously in a blogging mood today now that school is out and baseball season is winding down, I will try to answer the questions.

What I was doing 10 years ago:
I was mothering my ONE little 2.5 year old child, Luke. We had just sent our dossier to China and had received a newsletter from our agency. The newsletter contained a page with waiting children, one of whom was described as a happy and healthy two year old boy with big blue eyes who needs a family. I called the agency and was told that another family was looking at adopting him, and they would let us know if we would be able to look at his information next. So, ten years ago I was carrying around a newsletter and praying all the time that he would be our child. Within a month we were calling the agency to say that he didn't need a family any more!

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Catch up on my blogging, apparently
2. Wash my sheets
3. Iron
4. Put up clothes
5. Keep the kids fed!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Selfish things:
1. Pave our gravel drive
2. Build a pool
3. Decorate my home
4. Add on to my home...another bedroom or two would be nice
5. Hire a housecleaner
6. Travel, a lot!

Altruistic things:
1. Fund The Shepherd's Crook!
2. Fund many, many, many adoptions
3. Donate to the many, many, many charities I love!
4. Start an organization to advocate for children with Down Syndrome all over the world, and start orphanages where necessary

Bad habits:
1. Too much computer time
2. Too little exercise

Places I've lived:
1. Richland Hills, Texas
2. Haltom City, Texas
3. North Richland Hills, Texas
4. Fort Worth, Texas
5. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
6. Waxahachie, Texas

5 jobs I've had:
1. Snow cone stand--maybe my favorite job! I worked several summers doing father even opened a stand so that my sister and I could work there. I never get snowcones anymore, though.
2. Worked for some accountants in a variety of jobs, most interestingly sorting and counting coupons from all the Dairy Queens they owned! I had two other teenage girls with me and we laughed and talked ourselves silly.
3. Group counselor for men who had been court-referred to Women's Haven for abusing their wives/girlfriends--easily my least favorite job!
4. Closing cases for the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee, who was my husband's law partner
5. Closing cases for the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee, who was my husband; fringe benefits included going out to lunch with him!

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Country Gal said...

I love how you would spend your money if you were a billionaire!

I would add a hot tub and a full-time gardener, but amen the rest! Wouldn't it be wonderful to use that money to bless the babies who need homes!