Friday, May 16, 2008

Care package for Dean

I'm so excited! One of the moms, who is adopting a child through the same adoption agency, has a business set up to help families send care packages to their soon-to-be children in China. She works with a lady in China who will buy items for your child and translate letters to them and either deliver them or mail them. Because she is in the same city as Dean, and regularly goes to the orphanage that is over his care, she will be delivering the items to him. The real beauty of this business is that it cuts out lengthy and expensive shipping to China, as well as the uncertainty of it actually getting to the orphanage!
So....we asked her to buy him a toy and some candy, send a camera to the foster parents, and print out some pictures we emailed to her. I plan on sending more pictures before we go, and maybe even more 'stuff.' The hardest part of the whole process was writing a 600 word letter to him. What do you tell a 3 year old boy who has no idea his whole world is about to be turned upside down? I basically introduced each of us by referring to the pictures I sent. It was still hard!
For any who are interested, the website for this service is: Ladybugs and Love from Above.

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