Monday, February 4, 2008

More photos

Anna wanted to be sure and get a pic of herself with her new doll and their matching sleepwear. Very cute! Practically twins, right?
Angel League basketball has begun, with what may be the slowest start in history. Thirty minutes prior to the first (unscheduled) practice, I received a call reminding me to bring the girls. I quickly threw them in the van and high-tailed it up to the YMCA and actually arrived on time, only to find that Vera and Emma were the only two who came!! They had a blast, as did Song and Anna, as they all shot around and got lots of attention from the coaches and helpers. The next week, we made it up to a rousing three participants, and by last Saturday we were up to four.
Vera and Luke, who helps her to prepare for these strenuous basketball practices! Actually, I believe that all the times Luke and Daddy have played with her on our little over-the-door goal have helped her, because she's doing really well at her practice. She's a great dribbler and makes quite a few goals, too. I took a video of her at the last practice, but it can't be rotated to an upright position so I'll try to shoot one with the proper orientation at her practice tomorrow night.
Emma, showing off her new haircut. She and Vera both got cuts and did really well. I have always cut their hair, so I was happy to see them behave for my stylist.
Vera has the prettiest hair...lots of blonde highlights and body, although you can't tell so much in her sweet sisterly pose.
The real Vera returns...her hair may be full of body but the rest of her is full of life!

This probably goes without saying, but Ella didn't visit the stylist. She did want her picture made, though--she's learning how things work around here, that's for sure!
Ahhhh...the fashionista! Emma and Vera announced this morning that they would dress themselves, and this was Emma's stylish result. She loves that shirt and picks it every chance she gets. I love the little jacket, so Emma was clearly trying to please me by adding it to the ensemble. The pants...well, who knows? Most of her pants hang too high for her to reach, so perhaps this was the only option? I particularly love the way she wears them as 'low-rise' pants so we can get the full effect of her little belly.
Vera's clothing was a little less eye-popping, but maybe a bit warm for an 80 degree February day in Texas! Yikes! Her outfits never last very long, and this was no exception; she was in a t-shirt and shorts before lunch. Note the red streak on the bridge of her nose. We have no idea how she scraped herself, but she did a bang-up job.
After tonight's bath, Vera took off the top layer of the scrape when she dried off and it was bleeding quite a bit, so we had to put a bandage on her nose! As we so often say around here, "Only Vera."


Amy W said...

I love these pics of the girls! Vera has quite a personality doesn't she! I just smile from ear to ear when I see her face! I love the pictures of Vera and Emma together in the chair-soooo cute!

Michelle said...

all your children are beautiful, but every single time I see or read about Vera, I think "GOSH she and Ciarra would love each other!" Something about her that just makes me wish she could come over and play...

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Oh man, Jill, I just love your family!!!!!