Thursday, January 31, 2008

Recognize anyone??

Front and center, a cute little boy with what appears to be a new army truck!
Gung Hei Fat Choy--Happy Chinese New Year!! All of the children who are in the same foster care program as Dean received new traditional outfits to celebrate New Years! Aren't they adorable? They do look a bit like the kid brother in A Christmas Story, the one who fell in the snow and couldn't get up because he was so bundled up in his snowsuit and he couldn't move his arms!

Dean is also in the front row of this picture, although it looks like his foster dad stepped down in order to keep Dean from running away with the new truck!
The group that gave the outfits to all the children, and helps to sponsor them in foster care, is Love Without Boundaries, a volunteer run group that provides life-saving heart surgeries to orphans in China, as well as cleft lip/palate surgeries and even some for spina bifida, I believe. They are involved in a FaceBook challenge and if they win, they get $50,000. That would fund 10 heart surgeries. Putting it differently, it would allow them to save 10 children they wouldn't otherwise be able to save. That's no small thing.

Every new donor of at least $10 gets them another 'point' and the challenge ends tomorrow, February 1, at noon. The only painful part is signing up for FaceBook, which really wasn't painful at all. Here's a link, if any of my readers have $10 and a few minutes to spare:

I checked, and they are behind by nine new donors. That's not much! Any separate email address can enter, and if you look at those precious faces above, some of whom had their hearts fixed by Love Without Boundaries, I know you'll think it's worth your time. Thanks!


Karin said...

The kids look adorable--although I may be a bit biased since I coordinate the LWB program that provides foster care for your future son!! About the Facebook's a very worthwhile thing to be involved in. LWB saved my daughter's life through heart surgery and they do so much for the orphans in China. Let's win for the kids!!

Jennifer said...

LWB is such an awesome group! Do you know if they won? I'm too late to enter the contest.

Thanks for advocating for all these little ones...and your little one is such a cutie. I think he'll fit right in with your active bunch! LOL!

Ronette said...

Dean is so beautiful, Jill! I cannot wait for him to come home to you!

Praying that the Lord will keep him safe while you wait.