Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How quickly we forget

So I'm looking at this photo on my blog and Vera walks up to me, sees the picture, and asks, "Is this my Vera?" (We don't know why she refers to herself as my Vera, but it's pretty catchy.) She points to the bandage on her nose and asks, "What happened to my Vera?" I took that picture LAST NIGHT. She still has an enormous red scab on her nose.

Maybe you'd have to be here to see the humor, but I can't stop laughing.


Ronette said...

Oh, Jill! Can I tell you how much I just love pictures of "my Vera!" I want to hug her!

Alana - The Mommy said...

That Vera is a crack up! You are so blessed.

Oh, and btw, you have been tagged from my blog! Go check it out.