Monday, November 12, 2007

Well, Vera's at it again...

Yes, that's a dinosaur costume. No, it wasn't Halloween or any other holiday when I snapped this picture. I made it for Luke several years ago when he was heavily into the late Cretaceous period. I like the way Vera has made it her own, however, with the addition of the black down vest my dad bought for her. It was only 80 degrees when the picture was taken, so I'm sure she needed the extra warmth. Gotta love that megawatt smile, though.
This is Vera after a hard day of looking through toy catalogs for all the Spiderman toys. Nothing says comfort like a folding chair! That's our redneck version of a media room...all the kids grab folding chairs and surround the TV.

1 comment:

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Hey every dinosaur needs a vest to stay warm in!

Bless her little is excruciating to look at all those little spidermam' toys and not covet! ;)

I bet she is having some wonderful spidey dreams in that redneck TV room! :)