Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Great use for $50

This is Dick Rutgers, holding Alex. Alex is around 10 years old, I think, and lives in an orphanage in Guatemala. The children pictured below live in the same place as Alex. Dick and his fellow missionaries visit it frequently, in no small part because they have provided most, if not all, of the wheelchairs used by the residents.
Their ministry doesn't stop with the orphanage, however, it continues throughout Guatemala. God has been gracious to put people in need of wheelchairs in Dick's path, sometimes literally! His blog is filled with the most miraculous of stories, but it is also filled with people who live in some pretty dire straits.
Several time a year Dick and the gang distribute wheelchairs throughout the country. They aren't just any old wheelchairs, however, they fit each person to the chair, many of them power wheelchairs. In many cases, they work very hard to find a chair that will match the rough terrain its rider must traverse in order to get to school, for example. They truly extend God's grace and mercy to 'the least of these brothers of mine.'

They also host camps each year for their wheelchair recipients. I can hardly wait for his blogs after those take place in November! Every new post brings with it laughter and tears and I wondered how to get involved because he doesn't have any way to contribute money on his site.
Enter my friend, Charissa, who just up and emailed him about it! He sent back a most amazing email which reads, in part:

If you would like to sponsor a wheelchair send $50
For Tax-Deductible receipts, please make checks payable to:
Bethel Ministries International and send gifts to:
Bethel Ministries International
P.O. Box 573
Reserve, NM 87830
That's right, $50. Wow.
I know there are a thousand and one worthy causes out there. Read his blog for the next month; I have it listed over to the right. See if you can read it and not ache to help.

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Charissa said...

I just love this man! Let's plan a mission trip. Wouldn't that be great fun?