Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New pics of Hudson Dean!!

Hudson Dean's stay in foster care has been sponsored by two wonderful families for these last couple of years. Both families traveled to Beijing this summer to meet him; an activity that is encouraged by the orphanage that is responsible for him. One of the moms sent me a photo album of pictures she had of him and his foster parents.

I got in touch with the other mom yesterday and she sent me these four pictures of her trip to see him. They are so excited that he has a family working to come and get him. I am so excited that these families gave of their resources so that he could remain in a wonderful situation. How do you ever truly thank someone for that gift?
The main report I get from these families is that Hudson Dean is tall, adorable, clearly loved by his foster parents (he calls them grandma and grandpa), and SPOILED!! He's certainly ready to meet his grandparents here, then, as they've been known to spoil a grandchild or two.
He's wearing split pants, as children in China usually do, particularly in those potty training years. Oh, how I hope that child is potty trained because that is not a strong parenting skill for me! Can't you just see him in some cargo shorts, a striped shirt, and some tennies or crocs? What a doll he is!

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Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Oh, Jill...he is simply ADORABLE! I love that little grin on his face. What an incredible blessing these families have been. WOW...God is soooo Good! I can't wait to see photos of him in your arms! :)