Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mommy is the smartest

"Mommy is the smartest person in our family," or so says Song. You would think that might be music to my ears, but she didn't stop there.

"Well, except for knowing about Texas Tech, especially football, because Daddy's smarter about that."

"Oh, and history...Luke knows a lot more about history."

"Other than Texas Tech and history, Mommy knows the most."

At that point she was interrupted, so we'll never know what other areas of knowledge I'm lacking.


Jennifer said...

LOL! What a cutie she is!

By the way, I just gave you the "Nice Matters Award." See my blog for details.

Charissa said...

Song...What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!

Jen Unsell from fiar said...

LOL! No better way to humble us than hear from the mouths of our children! :-)

I am enjoying your blog Jill.
~Jen Unsell from fiar