Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wow, an award! Nice Matters

Well, what a surprise to have been "tagged" by my homeschooling cyberbuddy Jen at her Good Fruit blog! Jen, I'm happy you have enjoyed my blog, better known as my e-scrapbook since I long ago gave up scrapbooking in real life! I first 'bonded' with Jen through Five in a Row when she began her adoption of her beautiful little girl, Betsie! She has such a sweet spirit and I would have given her this award if she hadn't already received it. Thanks, Jen!!
According to Jen's blog, the award is given to bloggers for this reason:

"This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award."

Good to know that my seven munchkins inspire good feelings. They usually inspire those feelings in me, too! If nothing else, they are a never-ending fount of laughter.
So now I need to come up with 7 bloggers I love. In one way this is a bit difficult for me, as I don't read tons of blogs. On the other hand, those I read certainly inspire me and are a positive influence on me as they live out their faith in many different ways.
So here goes, in no particular order:
Laura, in Stepping Out of the Boat: Laura's blog is a pure testament to the power of the Holy Spirit in a willing believer's life, even when that life isn't going as planned. Laura and her family are in the middle of a Haitian adoption of two little boys that now only has the barest chance of ever happening. Despite it all, Laura's love of God and willingness to submit to His will shines through her posts.
Becky Jane, in The Adventure of a Lifetime: Becky and her husband Troy are about to return from China with the most adorable and delicate little girl named Laney (I'm sure they realized my middle name is Lane). I have thoroughly enjoyed their pictures from China and also watching as they fall in love with a country I have loved since childhood.
Melissa, in Seeking the Forgotten: Melissa is living in Guatemala where she is "fostering" her daughter as she waits for their case to move through the courts. While there, Melissa is constantly ministering to special needs children in various orphanages and her heart for those children is so sweet. Melissa is one of 20 children, many of whom have made their appearance in Guatemala and in her blog.
Charissa, in A Day in The Life of The Urbans: Charissa and her husband are adopting a little girl with Down Syndrome from the Ukraine. I know of many families adopting children with DS, but few that didn't already have a child with DS. The Urbans, stepping out in faith, are adopting little Ava purely because they felt called by the Lord.
Jessica, in Color Me Orange: I know this will shock my gentle readers, but this is another adoption blog! Jessica and her husband recently returned from Ethiopia with a sibling group of three (one boy, two girls), to add to their five homegrown daughters! Their courage in adopting three older children amazed me. I would have a difficult believing that God's will for my family included adopting a teenaged boy who was older than most of my daughters, but that is exactly what they did.
Shauna, in Shauna Rumbling: Breaking from tradition, I must confess that Shauna is not adopting anyone! I enjoy her blog because she seems like a really fun parent and an all-around thoughtful person. She reads a whole bunch of books and is a great source for reviews. Plus, anyone who would send me a brand new book, for FREE, is tops with me!
Hollie, in Harvest Christian School: Hollie is just cool! We became cyberfriends after her youngest son was born with Down Syndrome and now she is a wonderful resource for ME! I also want to stay on her good side because I want Ella to marry her son. It is always a pleasure to read about the fun and creative things her boys do in their homeschool.


Shauna said...

Thanks for tagging me for this award!

Charissa said...

I am honored! I too love your blog and your family. I still have a whole list of questions to ask you someday when we get together for lunch! :) (i.e. Do all 7 children talk at once, and how do you handle it?)