Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm officially obsolete

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that it only took twelve years for this to happen.

Yesterday, I received my new scale in the mail. On top of the mailbox, actually, because the UPS guy doesn't like to drive all the way down to my house. Something about the dogs...

I excitedly pulled out the scale and started to program it so I could use it. One problem, though: it was weighing me in kilograms. Now I'll have to admit that my weight in kilos looks a whole lot better than my weight in pounds, so I was content to leave it be.

Once the kids discovered the new scale I told them not to get too excited because it only weighed in kilograms. They were not so content, however. They wanted to know what they weighed and they wanted to know without having to convert it over the internet! Within two minutes, Luke came triumphantly into the kitchen holding the scale which now registered in pounds.

"How did you do that?" I demanded.

"I used these buttons on the back."

Let's see, those would be the same buttons I pushed and pushed for something like ten minutes to no avail. I didn't tell Luke anything but "thanks." Oh brother. Mom 1.0 is definitely not state of the art!

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