Friday, August 10, 2007

Zechariah needs a family

Today I'm advocating for the very handsome Zechariah in Asia. I'm going to be vague as to where exactly he is, and his picture cannot be posted, although I would happily send it to anyone who asks. I found out two days ago that his adoption has $16,500 worth of grants, which makes it all or nearly fully funded. He is represented by Bethany Christian Services, an old and very well-respected adoption agency. If you would like to find out more about him than is listed below, contact Alison at Bethany,, and ask about child A-253. His care now is excellent, but when he is grown he will go from a family setting to an institution. Although his country prefers people to travel (less than a week away), an escort is available to bring Zechariah to the states.

Here is his info:

Little BOY. Down syndrome, atrioventricular canal defect and anal atresia. He had surgery to repair the anal atresia, and is making great progress physically. Despite his special needs, he is a cheerful and contented little boy who enjoys listening to people talking to him and babbles back in baby language. He is currently in foster care and adjusting well. We hope and pray for a forever family for this handsome little boy!

Updated 4.3.06 He has been waiting in our program for a year and a half! He is so adorable and cute! Zechariah has been enjoying stable health and continue to attend various regular follow-up appointments. Generally, Zechariah is a delightful child who has a gentle and loving temperament. He has developed a close and loving relationship with his foster parents, especially Mrs. LAU, his foster mother. Similarly, Zechariah is well-loved and greatly treasured by his foster parents. According to Mrs. LAU, improvement has been noted on Zechariah's bowel movement. She thinks doing the massage on Zechariah's tummy at least three times a day really helps. Zechariah continues to be a light sleeper. He can be woken up easily, even by a slight sound. However, he can go back to sleep shortly when Mrs. LAU holds him tight into her arms. Although Zechariah is not advanced in his speech, he is a vocal child and is able to say "ma" and "da", etc. Despite his special needs, Zechariah is a sweet child who brings abundant joy and pleasure to all those around him. He is in need of a family who is willing to embrace him unconditionally and wholeheartedly. May God finds him a suitable family very soon.

Could that family be yours?

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