Thursday, August 9, 2007

A great birthday gift

Last night, Luke, John, Luke's cousin John (we have a surfeit of Johns in the family), and friend Jacob were able to use Luke's best birthday present ever--a deluxe behind-the-scenes tour of the Ranger's Ballpark in Arlington. They saw the locker room and batting cages, sat in the dugout during batting practice and spoke to some of the players, had primo tickets for the game and even a really close parking pass! Only one thing was missing--the camera that I forgot to give Luke when I dropped them off! John took a few pictures with his phone, thankfully.

My parents bid on this wonderful package last year at a Chamber of Commerce banquet and presented it to Luke on his birthday last October. He was overwhelmed. Luke proudly wore his Michael Young jersey and the decrepit Ranger's hat, of course. He is a true fan. Given the Ranger's season, any fan would, by definition, have to be a true fan, though.

What a perfect evening for my baseball-lovin' boy! Thanks, PopPop and NiNi!!

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