Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ella's Birthday!

Today we celebrate Ella's first birthday in our family. She is a big three year old who has had a big year. She was moved a couple thousand miles from home out of the rain forest, out of Spanish, away from the only mom she'd ever known, into a big family in hot Texas, a new language, and two parents who adore her. She has learned to walk this year and within a day of learning to walk she was trying to jump! I love that about her!

During Ella's celebratory lunch today, I asked the other kids what they liked about their youngest sister. Luke loves her kisses, Anna loves everything because Ella makes her happy, Song loves Ella's little giggle, Daddy loves the way she snuggles with him.

I am including a picture of the first time John held Ella in Cali at the orphanage, Ella's first smile back at the hotel, and a recent picture of our Colombian beauty.

Happy 3rd Birthday Mariella Camila!!! We love you!!!!

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Charissa said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog tonight Jill! I wish I could meet in person over coffee...oops! I mean water! I would love to pick your brain over this whole adoption thing. You have a beautiful family. I feel that some day ours might be as colorful as yours. :)