Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pics from Ella's birthday

The kids, happily anticipating cake!

Yes, Emma is wearing a swimsuit, backwards. Just be glad you're not seeing a picture of her from the other direction.

Ella's first birthday cake from Mommy is, as per Mommy's usual, extremely ugly and very tasty. I let Anna ice it, and then Luke was kind enough to run his fingers around the edges to clean it up for us.

Ella didn't quite know what to make of the candles...she kept trying to touch them. Ouch! She did, however, know what to do with the cake itself. Ella loves cake and ice cream! My kind o' gal!

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Charissa said...

Does Vera really THINK she is a boy or does she just want to be like her brothers? Tell her she is beautiful anyway, covered in mud, wearing her dad's shoes on the wrong feet, or even dressed as Spiderman!! You guys must get a lot of laughs out of having her in your family!