Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens in late fall

Last December, I took the kids to the Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden within the Botanical Gardens. (The pictures were all on my iPhone and I just downloaded them.)

The parks were incredibly beautiful, particularly with the fall color of the Japanese maples adding a red glow everywhere you looked. The kids enjoyed it and we got lots of pretty pictures.

Isn't that amazingly beautiful?

I have always loved the view from the top of the Rose Garden down to the lake. It's hard to believe we're so near the downtown hustle and bustle because the gardens are so purely peaceful...even with the Spicers in attendance.

Song got some great pictures of Anna and Luke, in particular.

Any time is a great time for a pose, right Emma?
God is showing OFF!

God was showing off when He made these eight beauties, too!

I promised the kids we would go back in the spring. I'm sure spring will be spectacular, but a sunny, cool day in late fall is awfully nice, too. As you can tell from the pictures, we practically had the park to ourselves.

I love the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens!


Bulldogma said...

Lovely pictures! Fort Worth is a pretty neat city. It's very un-city, really.

Renee said...

God was showing off, wasn't He? Oh, and the trees were pretty awesome too. :)

Love your family, their beauty far exceeds any garden in this world.

Love finds a way,

Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

Love my family! :) Gorgeous.