Saturday, November 27, 2010

3 pictures of Wilson!

He's even more irresistible now! What a doll!! He's at such a great age to come home to a family, having just turned 2 in October.

I just know someone's going to fall in love with those big brown eyes and blond hair. I just know they'll want to see God work and move mountains to bring this little guy home. I just know someone is dreaming of being cheek to cheek with him, feeling his chunky little hands pat them on the back as he starts to understand what hugging is. I just know someone wants to put some chub on that skinny little belly so they can blow raspberries on it. I just know someone wants to plop him into a big warm bubble bath and wrap him up in the softest towels, just to let him know he has a soft place to land now. I just know someone has some soft fleece jammies for him to wear as they slide him between clean sheets in his own bed and tuck him in after bedtime stories and prayers. I just know someone wants to tell him that Jesus loves him, in word and in deed.

I just know someone is wishing for a little boy who will love unconditionally, smile often, laugh more, stay little longer, need his mommy a little more, try harder to reach his milestones and keep the empty nest from emptying quite so soon.
God has a family for Wilson. I just know it's you.


Anonymous said...

I so hope you can help find Wilson's family for him. What a precious little boy!


Cindi Campbell said...

He is adorable! Surely someone will snatch him up soon. Wish it could be me.... sigh ...dh says he's done.

Blessings, Cindi
Christmas warrior for Ivan K.