Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!

For the second year I have asked my son Luke to make a Lego creation in my honor on my birthday. Because we were just returning from a vacation (and he was not totally focused on my birthday request...can't imagine why) he didn't make as large of a creation as before, but one that was nonetheless filled with Luke's cool, thoughtful details.
Notice the black details and cool windows on the tower, and the stepped up arches on the bridge to the tower. Also notice the water running under arches of the red-roofed side building.

A fountain and the flowers I had requested. Nice architecture, Luke!

I like the main watchtower and the stepped out 'stone' work.

Luke always makes his towers and buildings with a lift-off can lift off layers/roofs in order to see the rooms that are 'furnished' and functional. In this case, you can see the workers hauling water up from the stream that ran under the building. To the left you can see the stairs up to the next level. Notice that the walls are capped in smooth Lego; that's how he is able to lift off the upstairs portions.

Another fun detail...the railing stops short of the arch so that the soldiers can access the ladders.
Thanks, Luke! I always appreciate the creativity and hours of work that go into these designs. They FAR exceed my ability and imagination!!

Here we have Alex, giving me his own brand of entertainment. His feet are not touching the refrigerator!! Yes, I believe that also exceeds my ability!!

Thanks, boys, for my gifts!! It makes turning 42 a little more fun...


Waitingfaithfully said...

Happy Birthday to the Queen of the Castle!!



Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

Happy BELATED Birthday! (belated definition the day your sucky friends say happy birthday because either they didn't know or were late for some reason - never good enough - so they jump in late and try to salvage some shred of their dignity. Most usually fail miserably)

I love you and am so sorry I didn't know it was your birthday! I suppose now I need an excuse for not having read your blog this week lol now too!

Of course, in my case I keep that particular day well under wraps. No need for anyone to stop by my blog and rub in the fact that the number attached to me is getting larger each year. I say we just eliminate the whole 'birthday' and 'age' thing and just have more holidays that involve giving of gifts each year. Since that is the only reason we give in to the whole 'ok, remind me I'm getting older' thing anyway... the attached gift.

:) Happy Birthday my dear sweet friend! You are truly a blessing and I'm so very glad to have found you! :D


David and Sarah said...

Wow! Very creative! Happy Birthday to you!


Shonda said...

That is such an awesome idea!! Very cool! Happy belated birthday to you. Mine is in Aug., too. :)