Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Mariella Camila Spicer!!!

My baby girl is growing up! I just knew she would be the one to stay young and little but alas, even she has decided to mature and grow. Luckily, she is still small enough for a big sister to carry her in to her birthday breakfast celebration. No one loves a birthday more than Vera, so we thank her for showing Ella the ropes.

Say 'cheese' Ella! I wish someone would teach that girl to smile for the camera. Her natural smile is so beautiful and her camera smile is can see for yourself.
She's still Miss Cool, though.
Finally, we have our Spicer birthday picture. I should have tortured my readership and posted all the pictures I took. Not sure why Emma is glowering at the camera, but most everyone else looks pleasant...
Is it time for gifts yet?
Vera, readying herself for a morning of gift-opening instruction. Gotta love the outfit.
Ah, there's the smiley Emma we all know and love!
Who is that teenager at my table, and how'd he get so stinkin' cute?
Sweet Anna

Sweet Song
"Open your cards first, Ella"

"Good job tearing off pieces of wrapping paper, bit by bit...makes it last longer"
Satisfaction with a job well done!
I love the presents in the picture, above. First we have a fun new Dora doll from Daddy. Second, we have an American Girl doll, bed, clothing, accessories from Song. Yep, Song wrapped up a bunch of cool AG stuff and handed it down. Ella loved it! Isn't that fantastic? I love that sort of sharing!
Ella's favorite gift? Footwear, natch. She loves shoes, shoes, boots, and more shoes.
Isn't she lovely? She's been our beloved daughter for almost 4 years now and I can hardly remember a time before she was a Spicer. Thank You, Lord! She is a blessing and it is truly a joy to watch her continue to blossom and unfold before our very eyes.


Shea said...

Lovely family!

David and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your little darling!