Monday, July 26, 2010

Memorial Box Monday--O Canada! part 2

Last week I shared the story of God's sweet gift of allowing me to get pregnant with Emma just weeks after clearly calling us to move to Calgary, Canada. This week, we're getting closer to moving to Canada but we haven't quite left yet. God is, nonetheless, in the details of the move.

Once again, I need to backtrack to make progress in this story! Shortly after Anna was born (but prior to getting pregnant with Emma) we had decided to move to a bigger/differently configured home. We had purchased a lot on which to build our home and had put our current home up for sale by owner.

Nothing. Not any interest at all. Until...

God called us to Canada. Even then, it took a few months to sell it but that was okay because we weren't on any particular time schedule. When God decided it was time, He sold the house.

Once that happened, John and I took a trip to Calgary to find a house. We looked at homes all over the city, mostly in the NE section of Calgary where one of the churches we hoped to work with was located. We also looked at one home in the SW section. Naturally, that was the home we ended up buying. The backyard opened onto a walking trail in Fish Creek Provincial Park, a huge gorgeous park with a lifetime worth of discoveries awaiting us!

Some of the reasons God chose this home for us will have to wait on future installments of my MBM posts, but one thing I can share now is that we ended up being much more closely involved in a different church and it was about 10 minutes from the house we bought. We didn't realize, of course, where God would have us serve but HE did.

Another way we saw God in the move was our garage sale. We had decided we couldn't justify hiring a mover so we rented a couple of Uhaul trailers and whatever wouldn't fit wasn't coming with us! Yikes!

So I had my one (and maybe only) garage sale. I do not like putting on a garage sale because I have NO IDEA how to price things properly. Evidently God knows because we sold things like crazy. It was only our stuff and we made over $1000. John put that $1000+ in a zippered bag and for our entire weeklong trip to Calgary we used that $$$ for food, gas and hotels. It lasted the entire trip! I have to think it was like the widow's oil and flour jars--just kept on giving until we didn't need it anymore.
Next week, actually in a couple of weeks due to vacation, I'll share about God's provision as we entered Canada on visitor visas, unable to work or make a loonie or a toonie. Pretty amazing stuff!


Renee said...

Great story of how God's timing was perfect for your move...and the money to move with! We have also had God hold off on selling our home because He knew we were going to have to return to it when our move to a new town and new job did not work out! I wrote about that in part of my story today.
Thanks for sharing.

janice fenimore said...

loved your post, but you left out the part about visiting Calgary and being unable to rent a car because of expired drivers licenses.


deborah said...

thanks for sharing your story! and welcome to Calgary...and a word of advice: don't forget to pick up some winter gear on your way - you never know what to expect for weather here! :)

Susan A said...

I loved hearing how He's provided for all your needs, especially the garage sale :) thank you for sharing.

rarejule said...

What a wonderful journey... thanks for sharing!