Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My gorgeous kids!

If I do say so myself! I had noticed this past week that this area of the garden was looking particularly pretty so we gathered the troops on Sunday morning before church and snapped a few pictures. Not bad for a bunch of squinting kids! It was unbelievably humid and uncomfortable so we didn't get the individual shots I had hoped for. Hopefully we will have some professional pictures made soon....but until then, enjoy!

A little more of the garden, but also a little more of an outtake.

I hope to have more pictures of the landscaping soon. Just this morning we awoke to several daylily blooms and one of our (legions of) crape myrtles starting to bloom!!

Happy Spring!!


3 Sons said...


ashleypmo said...

Awww---they ARE gorgeous! And I am going to cop to being mucho envious of your garden. I have one crepe myrtle, and 3 zucchini plants in a 6" terra cotta planter....

David and Sarah said...

What beautiful pictures of the kids (and the garden!).