Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Angel League baseball 2010

Vera and Emma have again participated in the Angel League baseball program offered by our local YMCA.
For Vera, this is one of the best times of her year. She loves playing baseball and getting out of the house and onto the field.
For Emma, well let's just say that most years Emma tolerates it. This year, in fact, has been her best by far in terms of participation and NOT lying down on the field to draw in the dirt. Only once, in fact, did she draw in the dirt this year and that was because she wanted to draw pictures of her cousin Andrea who was coming to the game.
All in all it was a great year. For some reason the attendance was down this year but it made it possible for the kids to have more opportunities to bat, always a key ingredient in the fun! We don't play other teams, just divide into two groups. Each player usually has a helper.
Anna was always Emma's helper this season and Luke was usually Vera's helper, except once when he was sick. On that night I was Vera's helper. When she and Luke warm up, she rockets the ball at him which, of course, is no problem for Luke. When she and I were warming up, she spoke very gently to me, like one would speak to a small child, and gently rolled the ball to me. Thankfully, she is aware of her mommy's special needs in sports. I laughingly told that story to Luke who, with classic 14 year old boy disdain, informed me that Vera was a much better athlete than I!!

Emma playing second base while Vera waits for the next hit. Notice that Vera has baseball pants and belt, while Emma has a cute skort (and is holding a pink glove out of sight). That pretty much sums up their individual approach to the game of baseball!
Vera is one of the few kids on the team who is pitched to. She is a great little hitter and I'm really proud of her!!

Ah! Now this is definitely Emma's favorite part of the event--Gatorade!!
Now we have Emma on first with Vera holding her on! To continue my bragfest on Vera, she was also one of the few kids who could field the ball and get an out (were outs actually counted, which they most certainly are not!).
Emma is also a great little hitter off the tee. She almost always hits it the first time!

I absolutely LOVE this picture. Emma and Vera are hugging their beloved coach Randy Johnson from the YMCA. I believe he is in charge of all sports at the Y, but he takes time out to coach Angel League Basketball and Baseball.
I cannot emphasize enough what a blessing he is to our family and to the kids on the team! Particularly in baseball, he manages to tailor the event so that each child is able to play and succeed at their own level. There are many levels represented by the kids who play but Randy works it so they each have a blast. He is a nonstop encourager and the kids adore him. He brings his own children to be the helpers for those participants who don't have siblings to help them. We definitely appreciate him.
Last night was the last game of the season. We ended the year by having a party at the concession stand with snow cones and cupcakes (can you say sugar rush?)! The kids were each awarded their medals and you can see the pride they took in them.


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David and Sarah said...

Looks like fun! What a great coach! Truly, a blessing.