Monday, May 10, 2010

Bits and Pieces

We've had a few days of painting around the house lately, coinciding with the purchase of some nice watercolor paints! Here are some happy results from Dean and Emma. I thought Emma made a friendly looking house, don't you? All I could discern of Dean's drawing was that the X is actually an airplane. Love the colors, though!
The silly kids had to hold their paintings upside down, too.
This is Missy (not her real name). She has taken up residence on our back porch. At first it was an occasional visit but now it's more permanent. I have called the pound, the SPCA, looked in the paper and craigslist and haven't found her owners. She seems to be very well-trained and likely was a house dog because she opens our doors, lets herself in and comes in and relaxes like she owns the place. Wish she had tags because I think someone must be missing her.
The next pics are my attempt at capturing beautiful, full, double rainbows. I haven't seen very many complete rainbows so it was really fun to have two. I also found it interesting that the order of colors was a mirror image for the two rainbows. Thanks to Song for noticing that detail!

We also thought it was interesting to see that the sky was so much lighter inside the rainbow than outside. Anyone know why that would be the case? The rainbows were visible from Waco (about an hour south of us) to North Dallas (about 45 minutes north of us). I guess a whole bunch of people needed a reminder of God's promises.
Another truly remarkable sight from the Spicer home. I knew it was going to be special when I heard Song urgently yell, "Mom, QUICK, get the camera!"
Yeah, so manners are a work in progress around here. I'm thinking of changing my facebook avatar to that picture. Wonder if anyone would notice?

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Taylor and Frankie Rodriguez said...

LOL! Love the pictures! :)